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Seat belts can rub incessantly into your shoulder, while chafing and gouging into your neck.
Many drivers and passengers don’t wear their seat belts because of this discomfort.

Shoulder Bug to the rescue!

Shoulder Bug was developed to bring protection from your seat belt to a new level by combining function with style and comfort.

Whether it’s a short trip to the corner store, your daily commute, or that long road trip, the combination of soft and plush comfort and a stylish design will make your driving more pleasurable.

We have the widest selection of designs available. We’re constantly sourcing fabric and designs that are interesting and unique, and of the best quality and durability.

Whether your vehicle is a car, SUV, truck, RV, bus, or you even pilot a plane, Shoulder Bug will help keep you comfortable and looking good. Great for all passengers too!

Each Shoulder Bug seat belt shoulder pad is slightly over sized for additional comfort. Easily attaches to your seat belt – folds over and secures with velcro.

Outer shell is either cotton or polyester, depending on the print. The fluffy interior batting is polyester.

Shoulder Bug can also be used on items with straps such as luggage, backpacks, and carriers.

Shoulder Bug is made in the USA. It is a durable, superior quality product.

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